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  1. Hey guys, I have been trying to install Yosmite zone and got stuck on: GFX0: family specific matching fails. I already googled the problem and came to theconclusion that 'graphicsenabler=no igpenabler =no -f -v"' should help. I typed it put it didn't help. I still get stuck on the same point. My laptop got a i5-4210u (with enabled iGPU) and a nvidia 840m (which can't be disabled in BIOS 'cause it is restricted AF) I hope you guys could help me. Thanks in advance, Matzge P.S: I am using the Yosmite zone version of Yosemite
  2. Stuck before installation

    I just startet with the "-v" flag, and it seems I stuck at this point:
  3. I'm trying to install Mac OS 10.8.5 on my Laptop, it boots normal till the Apple logo, first the circle under the Apple Logo is turning and then it stopps, and the loding circle (the rainbowcolored one) shows up. I don't know what to do right now, beacause nothing changes. My Laptop: i5 4210U (with Intel HD) Chipset Haswell-ULT Rev. 0B Nvidia Gforce 840M Actually I got the same one as him: I would be very happy if someone could help me. If more details to the Hardware is needed i'll post it, but due correct time (I'm from Germany so it's GMT+1) I probaply can't answer to fast. Anyway, Thanks for the help in advance matzge