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  1. Be a good Hackintosher

    @Roshith Balendran you looks Advanced Member and you posted more argues to this topics , I think there is a problem looks in your browser. May be you can't see the post replays and solutions in your Niresh community ... Change the browser and see reply counts...
  2. Be a good Hackintosher

    The guy made 2 dozen hack.. dont even know AMD kernel is a patched kernel lol It was Team Niresh who saved the AMD community.
  3. Be a good Hackintosher

    See the Reply count on this Form support... and then ask for support..
  4. Be a good Hackintosher

    Then try to find . . . . Niresh Distros are for Who don't want to learn "noob" I'm leaving this page and Do what ever you want to do...... If you can think , then think about privacy..
  5. Be a good Hackintosher

    Okey you mean , you okey when your info. leak , someone can access your id and any thing...... I'm not blaming that his distro not working....... If he hide the source code that auto run in his distro. then i can trust Niresh... I don't want any automated script.... that do something secretly in my hackintosh....... Be aware whats going in your hack....... Be a true Hackintosher and be aware....
  6. Be a good Hackintosher

    Here are Many people Who even cant get Sound , Fully Graphics and etc. You modified original OS X Images but they still have Problems and those people never received any type of support from you... Then why you modify the Original Images ? Only Booting OS X on PC is not the Main part of Hackintosh Booting OS X on PC is only 5% work in Hackintosh And you modify and putting your stuff for only 5% work ? Voodoo kext is the thing that gives Sound with All ALC Codec... People can Install this kext without problem... Then why people use your distro. to get sound... People can get sound with Vanilla USB (Untouched OS X) with Voodoo kext ...SO BROTHERS WHY YOU ALL USE DISTROS... Be a true Hackintosher
  7. Be a good Hackintosher

    And do not Use your admin controls to make your answer as BEST ANSWER on your comment.. Best answer is consider after question asker satisfied... Keep in mind.
  8. Be a good Hackintosher

    Without the source code we can only determine it with Backdoor... Why people Put some automated files from unknown third-party files on this Hackintosh , even they dont know what those scripts do ? Can you Put the whole code Behind there file ? Why you not making it open source ? Why those files are " encrypted " If you think without those files you not get Fully working Hackintosh , then you are totally wrong Many open source activities run on internet... Dont hide your Spy Stuffs... Prove it... Those file are not backdoors...
  9. Be a good Hackintosher

    All Niresh Distros has Backdoor Named " Repair_CLI " "Repair_GUI". And a process called Niresh auto run in background to sync "i mean to steal" info.. If You agree with your personal info. STEAL by Someone You can Download it... Best way is Make Your own Vanilla USB Download OS X app from Genuine Apple App Store .... Dont compromise with your Personal Info Be a good Hackintosher