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  1. First Boot fails

    Okay i got it working, the problem was that the wrong Graphics adapter in the BIOS was selected. But now I have antoher problem, my keyboard is acting crazy. For example when I type an "a" its displaying "h" etc. Does anyone have a solution for that?
  2. First Boot fails

    Hey folks, I really appreciate the work you're doing here! But I got a problem after succesfully installing Niresh 10.9.0 on my PC. I can install everything as it is described in the guide of macbreaker, but when I try to boot my installation it doesn't work. Either I get a kernel panic and it says PMLock waited too long and it says something about the Power Management. But when I am installing it with another power management called "Disabler" in the installation menu, I won't get a kernel panic but I get a black screen after the apple logo. This is my first Hackintosh i just got it working in a VM. My specs: Intel i5-2500k Raden HD6850 8GB Ram Asrock Z68 Pro3 PS: Sorry for my english im from germany!