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  1. Booting from USB issue

    Hey guys, The issue I am having is: I cannot detect a bootable USB image after I create my liveUSB. I used transmac on windows with the Niresh 10.10.1 dmg file. I ensured to format it for mac before I restored the image. I cannot get the usb to be detected by both of my machines. I have ensured that I have AHCI slected under SATA and legacy mode selected under boot method. I have also ensured that the boot priority is set to the USB first. Any help or insights would be GREATLY appreciated! Thank you in advance!! My Specs: MSI Z87-G45 motherboard Nvidia GTX 770 Intel i7 4770 (haswell)
  2. Hey guys, I have the same motherboard (running haswell i7 cpu). This is embarrassing, but I cannot get even get my usb to boot. I am using Niresh 10.10.1. Do you guys mind sharing your BIOS settings for those who mae it work? I followed the guide to create a bootable USB. I have ensured my SATA settings were set to AHCI and changed my boot priotity. When my computer boots, I just get a blinking command line cursor. Thank you in advance!