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  1. Be a good Hackintosher

    Its not about good or bad.The comunity dont want u to be "good" .its want u to learn and fun. 6 years old kid can make vanilla installer now a days .I think u better than them. huh you still learning how to install OSX ?? really ! . And god send niresh so do we all are .if he so good then "why he uses kext and patches from prople (dev) and not even mention there names. aka give credits. There is distro and vanilla .here you are taking side not me. Sure as you like .But not with somthing has backdoors or whatever . and last i dont hate distros.I hate people thinks it the only way to get osx without knowing how fun it is to install osx. Only if you want to learn. Its not Rocket science.
  2. Be a good Hackintosher

    My first post here. i created acc. for this topic,looks interesting. Do you know "what hackintosh sence is "? Do you know "what a bac door is" i think u don't. Where do get the idea from "he/niresh" saves AMD community??.Do you know who makes AMD kernels in the first place.Or you dont even know AMD uses patched kernel. again u dont. Be real backdoor is backdoor.He can tell us in the first place that he is doing a "servey" by putting a backdoor in your pc so it can get your PW,email etc. Good hack