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  1. Disabling vt-d and cfg-lock in bios fixed infinite loop. Adding "-no-zp" boot flag allowed me to install on my SSD. Thanks.
  2. Hi, I was able to install HZ 10.10.1 on my system: MSI z97 guard pro, i5, evga graphics card. I want to re-install on an SSD (OCZ) for speed. However, installation USB fails (kernel panic) when USB is booting. I ordered a crucial SSD, and when the USB boots, the system restarts after 2 seconds on the hackintosh zone splash screen. I tried -v to get the error message but it's too fast for me to catch. Does anyone know what's wrong? I googled but could not find a solution. The SSD is recognized in BIOS and has AHCI setting. Thank you!
  3. Thank you for your help. I'll try this when I get home. Consider it resolved unless I come back stating otherwise. I do have a question. Does Hackintosh Zone (distro) leave the behavior that I'm seeing on by default or did I do something wrong during install? I ask because I googled and was unable to find others having this same issue. Thanks!
  4. Hi everyone, I was able to 'successfully' install yosemite zone 10.10.2 on my system with msi z97 guard-pro mobo with an i5 haswell chip. After install, the system rebooted, and the chameleon boot screen shows. I selected my hard drive and mac os x loads after the hackintosh zone screen. I configure and the hackintosh zone runs successfully. After I restart, i get the chameleon boot screen again. I have to press enter (no boot flag) for the computer to continue loading: hackintosh zone screen, then mac os loads. Every single time the system boots, the chameleon screen shows and the user has to press enter to continue loading. Is this expected? Is there any way to not have to press enter to continue loading? Any guidance is greatly appreciated.