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  1. Hi, for a while I've been trying to make a hackintosh, at first I tried it on my bad computer did not work because the moment it starts apple screen automatically restarts it before and give this error: "kext-dev-mode = 1 - force64 ahci disk = 1 debug = 8 = 0 darkwake dmar = 0 -v ". So I'm trying a Dual Boot Windows 7 with MBR partition, but when I try to format the partition of OS X for the Mac Disk Utility, it says it is not possible to format it in this MBR. thea doubt is: this distro does not have a Patch MBR? How do I install Niresh Mavericks without having to change my hard drive to GPT and lose my files. Thank U! PS: This is the image of the error to give the computer and then immediately restarts. Laptop configurations: Processor - Intel I3 3110M Memory - Kingston 4GB HD - 500GB Computer configurations: Processor - Intel Pentium E5800 Memory - Kingston 2GB HD 1 - 500 GB HD 2 - 1000 GB Please help me !!!