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  1. Hey folks, After much fumbling I managed to get a successful Mavericks install on my ASUS KGPE-D16 mobo with dual Opteron 6128's. There are a few graphics issues I'm trying to work through but, more or less, things seem to be running normally until I try to do a large install. When I try to install Komplete 10(290GB's) from the USB3 external SSD it came on onto the Samsung EVO 850 SSD that my 0S X install is on, it runs very slowly for a few hours but then ultimately stalls my machine. The first thing that's odd is the time it takes. On Windows, this install only takes about and hour and a half so theres a speed issue. Secondly, and more importantly, it doesn't install and ends up seizing up my rig. During the installer I made sure the TRIM patch was added and the USB3 patch as well. I tried the Black Magic HDD speed test just for grins and it seems to run perfectly fine. I feel like maybe it's an AHCI issue? Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks, Joe ############### update ########### OK so it doesn't appear to be USB3 or writing to the SSD. I was able to copy all 408 packages from the external Komplete SSD to my internal SSD just fine. I then tried to run the install while the packages were on my hard drive and it still had frozen by the time I woke up and checked on it the next morning. Now I'm thinking it's a power throttling issue. I've disabled PowerNow and I'm giving it another go.