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  1. Such a HUGE DISTRO

    Nothing is better than Torrent, It will take you around 10-12 days to download it, dont worry about Torrent ETA, if you keep your pc running 12hrs contnusly for 10 days, your file will complete downloading Welll i also belong to india, Please upgrade your plan, do not blame on India for that, Airtel is offering 16 mbps and many others 100 Mbps too
  2. I recommend you to download Virtual Box it's free, (If you are installing on Hard disk, I prefer you to go with Mavericks. Because in my pc Yosemite installs only in SSD:- This is what i have observed) After downloading Virtual Box 1)Create new OS, name whatever you like, In Os choose Mac, In type choose MacOSX 64bit 2)After creating select ram size(4 GB would be enough) 3)Next,Create a virtual hard drive, then choose VMDK image 4)Choose memory type: Dynamic memory 5)Set size around 20-50 or more as you like Now you have to change setting of your OS 1)Single click on your newly created OS on sidebar and then choose right click settings or setting button on the top bar 2)Click on system and Uncheck "Enable EFI" and "Hardware Clock in UTC time" 3)Then click on storage and then single click on empty(CD Disk type Logo under Controller SATA) 4)After selecting Empty, click on cd icon in Attributes(on right side) and choose a Virtual CD Disc Image file 5)Locate your dmg file or Yosemite Zone.dmg that you have downloaded Now click oK Start your OS 1)Start pressing F8 after the Oracle logo displays 2)then type -v and incase even if it still not runs type -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 and if after that you are getting Bluetooth Controller missing error, dont worry it can be fixed very easily if installed in VirtualBox
  3. Please provide your graphic card details If you trying to run setup in GUI mode it wont work When you boot the setup Press f8 within seconds else it will move to gui loading bar And type -v and press enter If you have downloaded vm ware image i would prefer you to get dmg niresh Yosemite and burn it on usb and boot your computer
  4. Niresh Yosemite Loader stops half way

    Try using boot flags -v -x GraphicsEnabler=No cpus=1 I would prefer to install mavericks rather than yosemite because it has lot of issues with haswell processor Are you getting Debugger not conigured Hanging message
  5. While installing Yosemite zone i am facing some issues When i used -v flag, setup ran but got hanged within seconds and debugger not config msg displayed When i used -v -x, no setup ran and in that dos type screen only it displayed debug not config When i used -v -x GraphicsEnabler=no, setup ran but setup kinds of get partially hang. I was able to move my mouse and select languages but i wasn't able to go further When i used -v -x GraphicsEnabler=no cpus=1, setup ran completely and i finally set my niresh to install but on 14 minute left(after stuck at 14 mins for more than 2-3 mins). Msg displayed debugger not config hanging(msg displayed like a dos type lines on a gui setup i hope you understood) My pc config:- intel i7 4790k OC Amd FirePro W7000. //graphic card Asus Sabertooth Z97 Mark II. //motherboard Corsair 8x2 I previously installed Mavericks 10.9 and it installed completely fine just i was having some issues with sound, i dont know about network because i dont have ethernet connection, i have netgear wireless adapter which i knew very well that it cant get installed on a mac