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  1. PLease help! I'm attempting to hackintosh my asus q551. i7-4510U Nvidia Geforve 840m (I'm not expecting this to work) Intel HD 4400 Graphics (it might be intel HD 4000) 1 TB 5400 rpm HDD (instea of CD Drive) 480 GB SSD (In Primary HD spot) I have successfully created a boot disk using these instructions with Unibeast instead of the method describedabove. I have patched the kernal and the disk boots into the installer. When running in verbose mode my install appears to freeze up after loading bluetooth. I have tried combinations of these bootflags: -x -v -f GraphicsEnabler=No GraphicsEnabler=Yes CPUs=1. I'm giong to post a picture of where verbose mode stops. Please help, I'd really love to get Mavericks running, I know that my laptop is slightly different from the Q550, but I think the only difference is the dedicated graphics card, which I don' plan on using. Thank you so much and thanks for making this easy for guys like me! Screen SHot Of Verbose Mode: