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  1. Advice about my setup

    I had some tearing on screen and some lag so i downloaded the nvdia net driver from windows and installed it on hackintosh with an USB restarted enable the Geforce driver and then restarted again and after that i got full resolution but extra lag and an indication that it had some graphic error,tried looking this on net but didn't found somethink about it and i left it that way. As for the Audio is Realtek ALC892 witch i didn't look for it at all! Thank you for your response though if you can help me more with the graphics card it would be appreciated!
  2. Advice about my setup

    Hello, i installed recently Yosemite edition 10.10.1 on my pc with the following setup: CPU : AMD FX-8370 MOBO : ASRock 990FX Extreme 3 RAM : G.SKILL RipjawsX 8GB 1600mhz GPU : ASUS STRIX 750ti OC HDD : western digital 1TB PSU : cooler master RS-600-ACAB-B1 600W the installation completed with /amdfx -v -x npci=0x300 boot options,npci=0x3000 was selected on customisation for install.After tha installation was completed and i booted up on Yosemite created an account etc i realized that i had no Audio and no erthenet seams like it couldn't recognize those two and even thought at "about this mac" my GPU full name was there my resolution was nothink else that 1024x768 and ofc i couldn't change it also screen size was 17.8" althought i use a 28" display,please help me and thank you in advance!