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  1. Hello Forum, Here Roberto from Mexico City needing some help with my Dell Laptop Hackintosh install. I own a Dell XPS M1710 which has the following main components: - CPU: Intel Core 2 T7200 @ 2.00GHz ( 2 Cores ). - RAM: 4GB ( 2 DDR2 SDRAM Samsung Modules ). - Chipset: Mobile Intel 945PM Express. - GPU: NVidia GeForce Go 7950 GTX ( with 512MB, PCI Express x16 ). - Display: 17 inches. - Resolution: Max and Native resolution of 1920x1200x32. I have been successful installing a copy of Mac OS X 10.10 ( Yosemite ) on the laptop following the tutorial at Hackintosh Zone. All is working fine on the laptop ( Power OFF and Reset from The OS X, the DVD-ROM, the Ethernet Port, the Trackpad, a wireless USB Mouse, the USB 2.0 ports ) except the Video GPU and the Wi-Fi. The Chameleon Bootloader shows the following string about the NVidia card: "Unknown 512MB NV49 [10de:0297]-[1028:019b] :: PciRoot(0x0)/Pci(0x1,0x0)/Pci(0x0," My install always boots with a generic video driver which is VERY SLOW and sets the video resolution to 1280x1024. Yosemite using the "System Information" app shoes the following at the "Graphics Adapter" section: - Chipset Model: Unknown - Type: GPU - Bus: PCIe - Slot: Slot-1 - PCIe Lane Width: x16 - VRAM (total): 512MB - Vendor: NVIDIA (0x10de) - Device ID: 0x0297 - Revision ID: 0x00a1 - ROM Revision: Do you know if a driver exists for my NVidia GPU on Yosemite ? Or any other fix or hack I can use to have the full video speed and resolution I have on Windows ? Please let me know and thanks a lot in advance.