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  1. Hi Guys, I'm trying to install Lion on the Acer Desktop M1641 with following specs: - Core2Duo 2Ghz - 3GB Ram - SATA HD 320 gb - GeForce 9300 But even with latest released Bios updated from Acer site, there is no AHCI settings in Bios, only RAID mode and it's even grayed out! Are there any possibilities to me to install Lion with RAID mode? I'm trying Lion because of the low specs of the PC, I believe that Mavericks will be worse on this configuration. At the moment I can reach installation screens but no disk is recognized with Disk Utility I'm trying to replace some Kexts on my USB Installation Key but for sure something is wrong in Kexts I'm using or they are not compatible because in this case I'm stucked with "Still waiting for root device" message. Thank you for your great site and to anyone will help me Max