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  1. Really hope some kind soul can help. im downloading the DMG of yosemite right now to make my bootable USB so i can dual boot as i used to (mavericks and win 7) my PC has windows 7 installed already and i dont want to ruin my windows id love to be able to install as dual boot with my windows partition left intact. can i do this by usign the windows disk manager to make a new partition and the nformating it to OSX extended (journalled) as i think if i use the mac usb to partition to GERD i will lose all of my data right?
  2. Geforce GTX580 hdmi sound fix?

    Anybody at all got a fix
  3. Hey there. so I've got my system all set up dual booting windows 7 and OS X running brilliantly the only kink left to work out is the Audio from the graphics card on windows its great the sound works on there fine its just my OS X anyone got any suggestions on how I can fix it?
  4. I stuffed up my niresh

    Redownloaded decided screw windows and installing all as one partition on my 2TB hard drive
  5. I stuffed up my niresh

    P.s if I reinstall just windows over its partition do you think that will fix it?
  6. I stuffed up my niresh

    So after successfully installing Mavericks as a dual boot and it loading etc everything was great. I went to boot my partition for windows and got an error saying I had a missing file needed to boot and stupidly opened my windows disc and ran /fixmbr thinking it would only fix my windows issue Now my drive won't reach the bootloader anymore All I can access is a windows PC (girlfriends laptop) does anyone know how I can reinstall just the bootloader without having to redownload and reinstall all of mavericks again it's getting late here I wanted to fix it up before bed. like a bootable iso that will maybe just reinstall the bootloader