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  1. I wanted to know if it is possible to upgrade my copy of Yosemite Zone on my pc. If so would I do it apples default way or the normal way you would upgrade any hackintosh, despite it being Yosemite Zone. Thanks for taking the time to read this! ~VFluff5
  2. I was unable to fix this issue by not having a graphics card. I installed the Nvidia 650 ti into the system and used the bootflags /amd npci=x2000 -v And I now have Yosemite Zone working like a charm.
  3. So right of the bat the computer I am using specs are as follows: CPU: AMD A10-5800K (Quad Core 3.8 GHz) Graphics: Radeon HD 7660D (Integrated with the CPU (Yes, I know I should be using a non-integrated graphics card.)) Memory: 8GB Corsair Vengeance DDR3-1600 Power Supply: CoolMax 400W ATX Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-F2A78M-D3H Audio Chipset: Realtek ALC887 So, I am wanting to install Yosemite Zone onto this computer up there but ran into a few issues while installing it. First of all I know integrated graphics is the real problem here, unfortunatly, I am rather low on money so I can not afford a graphics card for my computer at the moment. I was able to get my computer to boot using the bootflags -v GraphicsEnabler=No IGPEnabler=Yes In anycase it loaded and worked! But here is my problem. The graphics are simply so bad, it makes the operating system hardly usable for general use. My question: I would like to know if there are any other bootflags I may be able to use in order to boot it that wont detroy the graphics (If the bootflags I used were the actual cause of the graphics being like that. Certainly not saying it isnt the integrated graphics =P) If those bootflags were the best I am going to get, could anyone recomend me a graphics card that would work with my system that would be good for Yosemite Zone? What do the graphics on my computer look like when in Yosemite Zone?: Very shaky you could say. Like imagine a really poorly done gif or movie where you can see pretty much the current frame and all the frames behind it. Mouse is also very laggy and sometimes pixels may stay on the screen when doing a drastic change. Any help on this would be appreciated and I would be more than happy to provide more information as needed!