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  1. VMWare 10.9 AMD Hackintosh Mouse Off-Sync

    Actually, this is awkward. I just got it to work. I had to go into VMWare settings and set optimize for game to "Always" and it works. However, it is somewhat glitchy, and sometimes skips over an area a little, so if anyone could suggest anything, that would be appreciated.
  2. Using Niresh's OS X 10.9 bootloader I created a VMWare virtual machine for OS X. It works fine, my keyboard, mouse, and ethernet work, but the only problem is the cursor. When I click, it clicks in the wrong location, but not just offset: It's a scaling issue. If you click in the exact center of the screen, it will be fine, and be in the center, but as you go to the right, the location that is actually clicked is even MORE to the right, and the same way with the other three directions. Now, here is the odd part: It only happens most of the time. So far, it only works SOMETIMES when I put in boot flags, which are "USBBusFix=Yes -v -amdfx -x", but I have not done a lot of testing, and it only works a small fraction of the time, so that's not saying too much. I also think it may be an issue with VMWare Workstation 8, because when I "Ungrab" the mouse, it then shows up in its proper position, as opposed to the off-scale one (This is why I can't take a screenshot. I'm not sure this is entirely necessary, but here you go: 6-Core AMD FX 6300 Unlocked 3.5 GHz I am using 38darkness42's tutorial, and he is using the same processor. Tutorial: GigaByte GA-970A-DS3 Motherboard EVGA GTX 570 8 GB RAM