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  1. Hey there, I just installed Niresh's Mavericks and everything went extremely well ! To install, I used the boot flags and it went smooth as butter amd -v Then, I booted on my SSD, which I had installed Mavericks on it and used the boot flags I used these bootflags because I would get a "Memory allocation error". I found these bootflags on a forum, and it went well for me. PCIRootUID=1 GraphicsEnabler=No -x But now, I have encountered a little problem. While loading on OSX for the first time, the loading freezes here : flow_divert_kctl_disconnect (0): disconnecting group 1 SPECS : AMD FX-8150 OC'd @4.0GHz Asus Sabertooth 990FX Radeon 7950 3Gb 3x4Gb 1600MHz