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  1. hello everyone..i need help accessing my mac app store(your device or computer cannot be verified, contact support for assistance...and i do have acer aspire R7-571-6858 running mac OS-X great actually..installed on a legacy boot turned it into user dsdt from the multi beast... and then i tried nullethernet just to see if it will actually help me out...... but unfortunately i do not have a preference file to delete the plist file they recommended me to connected to wi fi from a wireless network utility program. Rockland USB Wireless WI-FI card for apple airport network MAC OSX MAV compatible. i Tunes signs in perfectly....why not the app store? thanks guys..cheers...
  2. hello friends...I need to confirm if my laptop is compatible with this installation? ACER ASPIRE R7 571 6858 laptop intel i5 CORE 3337U CPU 1.8GHz 3rd generation intel HD graphics 4000 integrated onboard 12 GB of RAM maxed out 15,6 inch HD/touchscreen display 500GB HDD I just wonder if this installation has the drivers I need for this particular laptop...thanks guys...peace
  3. I need assistance in transforming my acer aspire R7 571 6858 into a mac osx maverick 10.9.4.....I will give you information for this product and please let me know if this transformation can be accomplished?...and I need instructions..literally to do this...thanks a lot everyone...peace and love.... Product identity: Acer Aspire R7 571 6858 MPN:NT.LOKAA 001 Notebook 15.6" HD/touchscreen display Intel Core i5-3337U Processor.....1.8 GHz 12.0 GB of memory RAM 500GB HDD has windows 8.1 home edition os installed intel HD Graphics 4000 / integrated onboard graphics