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  1. Hi there I have recently downloaded a dmg version of Mac 10.9. Install went as good as far as I am aware, followed a YouTube video. I have an issue were every time I boot up I can't get past a minute until it freezes. I messed around a bit to some how get this picture bellow which appeared when it crashed. The computer fans start picking up speed before it crashes. I am a complete newbe when it comes to Mac so bear with me and basic form. Computer spec Asus m5a97 evo2.0 Amd fx 8350 4.0ghz 16gb hyper 1600mhz Ssd Samsung 120gb w8 Ssd sea gate 120gb Mac 10.9 1tb western digital storage Sapphire toxic 270x oc 2gb Water cooler corsair 100hpi Any more information I can give just ask Need to get this running soon thanks in advance