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  1. Hardware specs Intel i5 4690k EVGA GTX 960 SuperSC 2 GB AsRock Anniversary Z97 4 GB 1333mhz DDR3 600W PSU 2 TB HD (storage) / 500 GB Drive (storage) / 120 GB SSD (boot) / DVD-ROM (eventhing here disconnected for install except DVD-ROM and SSD) Niresh Yosemite.Zone How I built it After installation, to get the video drivers to work well, I did this: bash: -s bash: fsck -fy bash: mount -uw / bash: grafix backup all bash: reboot Navigated to this URL:[3] . Download the drivers here and install. Restart. Boot back in. There's going to be a little NVIDIA "eye" thing at the top right corner of the screen. Clicked that and choose "NVIDIA Web Driver." Reboot. This got 2 Monitors working, but I have a third. My monitors are currently taking up two ports like such: - One is DVI -> DVI - One is VGA -> Active DisplayPort Remaining open ports are: - 1x Displayport - 2x HDMI My remaining monitor is VGA Out. I can try VGA -> DisplayPort or VGA -> HDMI. I've tried - HDMI -> Passive DisplayPort last night and it didn't work. Monitor turned on but went to sleep. Didn't detect monitor. - HDMI -> HDMI for our big tv (as a test). Didn't work, didn't detect. Thoughts on how I can get it to work with my last VGA out Monitor???