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  1. when i try to start pc, i coming out boot0ss:error, why i must boot every time from usb? btw the installation freeze at PCIconfiguration
  2. my pc stuck too with intel i7 and ati 5730, i use tons of config and i'm very tired EDIT: i use -s-f-F and when u can write, use the command exit, and the installation continue, enjoy I AM HAPPY!!!
  3. Hello, i have asus n61jq with windows 8. I create a usb with yosemite.dmg made by transmac. After that i reboot and start by the usb the niresh installation, i create a partition for mac and all it work. After the install i try to start yosemite, but everytime don't work, i try with AtiBusActive=yes and the best i ear the sound of yosemite and voceover, but nothing in the video. Someone can help me? PS: after the installation of yosemite, if i don't start by usb boot, computer give me back the error: bot0ss:error (Sorry for my bad english XD )