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  1. Hi, First of all, thank you Niresh for your great work! I am having troubles trying to setup a hackintosh on my ASUS laptop (see signature). I succesfully installed Yosemite 10.10.1, fixed my intel HD 4000 graphics to work QE+CE, but I am having troubles with the boot loader. I can only boot using my installation USB drive because I cannot set the boot option to my hdd in my BIOS. I am trying for 2 days and I read all kind of forums and tried all kind of things until i finally destroyed my installation trying to delete chameleon from OSX partition and install it to EFI partition. I just installed Yosemite again using customized install options (Install Chameleon EFI) but no change, still cannot boot directly from HDD. I read something that asus bios is not able to read the GUID partitions ? Is that the cause ? I have a SSD where I plan to install when I will make everything work. Will this help me ? Can you guys guide me to install it correctly ? Maybe I have to make a FAT32 EFI partition and install the boot loader there ? I would prefer to use chameleon because I successfully found the correct settings for my video card and this was a headache too, but if it's not possible I will install Clover and then try to fix the graphics again. PS. I still don't know if my laptop is UEFI capable, but I have no option in BIOS to enable UEFI, so I guess not. Thanks, and any additional info you need, I will be here!