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  1. Hello to all, i'm trying to install a Yosemite Zone on a tablet with a Intel Atom Bay Trail CPU but i'm stuck. these are the specs of tablet: Processor Model: Intel Bay Trail-T Z3736F Processor Main Frequency: Quad Core, 64-bit, 2.16GHz GPU: Intel HD Graphics GEN7 Memory Capacity: 2Gb DDR3L Tablet Data Capacity: 32GB Screen Size: 9.7" Display resolution: 2048X1536 I have two main problems, if I don't set the bus speed to 100.000kHz remains stuck on "root uuid is xxxx ..." (but it's speed should be 83.000kHz) setting it to 100.000kHz can pass the "root uuid is xxx" but I get a kernel panic: AppleACPIPlatformExpert :: start failed i've already tried some boot flags without success. Any idea? Thank u so much! PS: It's normal that recognize 16 threads and 8 cores? Oo