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  1. Voodoo Battery

    Version 10.9


    This is the Voodoo Battery kext that enables the Battery meter & percentage for almost all laptops running on OSX Mavericks 10.9.x Use this if you either lost battery percentage upgrading from a previous version of OSX or if you have no battery percentage at all. This package contains two kexts. Install both of them manually or with a kext installer of your preference. 1) Voodoo Battery 2) AppleACPIPlatform After install if battery meter doesn't show up, go to Settings > Energy Saver > Enable Show battery status in menubar By the Voodoo Labs
  2. This guide will show you how to achieve full QE/CL on OS X Mavericks 10.9 on the ATI 5650M Mobility Software Required Clover Bootloader Clover Configurator EDID Manager (Windows) In OS X Install Clover Bootloader and Reboot Copy the edit.txt from the USB or whatever you backed it up to the desktop. Edit your Clover's Config.plist with Clover Configurator Once it's loaded head over to the Graphics tap Tick the following Boxed: Load VBios, Patch VBios, Inject ATI, Inject EDID. Copy the EDIT from text file to the text box in clover (It will be automatically converted into BASE64) In the FB Name Box Type: Orangutan Reboot
  3. Atheros 9285 Mavericks Kext

    Version 10.9


    This kext is a native kext that simply adds the device vendor ID of Atheros 9285 wifi card to make it fully operational. Tested on Mavericks 10.9 with all different types of security protocols. Install with kext utility Cheers
  4. Version 10.x


    This is a fully working multitouch kext for the ALPS trackpad on most laptops. A modified version of the VoodooPS2 by RehabMan Features: 1) Upto Five finger multitouch support 2) Two finger scrolling 3) Full intergration with Trackpad settings in the settings pane P.S This is the package extracted from the truly awesome Vietnam tool I uploaded the same package to osx86 so no i didn't rip this off. Credits to RehabMan Update - 9/02/2014 - Updated Kext
  5. This post has been promoted to an article Although Chameleon is the most preferred bootloader for almost 80 % of hackintoshes, Clover is a pretty popular bootloader with excellent hardware support for the ATI Mobility cards and various other devices. This guide will show you how to properly dualboot OSX and Windows 8 using the Clover Bootloader. *I will not be going into how to create your OSX / Windows USB Installers in this Guide* Pre-Requisites 1) An Empty Hard Drive 2) The Niresh Installer USB or any other OSX Installer such as Unibeast / Myhack (8GB) 3) A Windows 8 Installer DVD / USB (8GB) 4) Patience. Software Packages Used : 1) Universal USB Installer (For installing the Windows 8 ISO to a USB) 2) Clover Bootloader 3) Clover Configurator Basic Overview : What we will be attempt to be doing is : 1) Use the Niresh Installer to Format the Drive into two partitions in their respective formats. 2) Install Windows 8 to one of them 3) Install OSX to the other 4) Mark the active partition to achieve a proper boot. STEPS: Formatting of the Hard Drive : 1) Boot with the Niresh Mavericks Installer USB (any) 2) Go to Utilities > Disk Utility 3) In the Partition tab select Two partitions and resize them to your wish. 4) Select your OSX partition and set the format to Mac OS Extended (Journaled) 5) Select your Windows Partition and set the format to MS-DOS (FAT) 6) Most Importantly, Go to options and set the table to GUID Partition Table and click Apply. 7) After the process is done, shutdown your PC. It should look similar to this after you have gone through all the steps : Installing Windows : 1) Boot with the Windows 8 installer 2) Go through the Menus and select Custom Install (Advanced). 3) Here, select your Windows partition and hit Format 4) DO NOT PANIC, the installer might display a message saying that Windows cannot be installed. Just reboot with the Windows 8 Installer USB and it will not display that error message again. 5) Let the Install run through it's paces and set up your Windows Installation (install drivers, copy files etc...) Installing OSX : 1) Boot with your OSX Installer USB. 2) When you arrive at the "Select Where to Install Menu", select the OSX Partition you previously formatted. 3) Customize / Select any kexts or none if you are using a Vanilla Installer and let OSX Install 4) NOTE : By default Chameleon is selected as the bootloader - install using Chameleon only. Niresh's distro has a well documented bug that breaks the Clover Bootloader. 5) After Install, Boot with Chameleon and set up your Hackintosh (install kexts and apps but do not reboot) 6) If you are using Niresh's distro, while it's setting up, install the Clover EFI Bootloader with standard options - On your first reboot after installing Clover you will notice that the system automatically boots into Windows 8 without giving us the choice as to which operating system to boot. Let us now tackle this issue. 1) Boot into Windows 8 (it will boot !) 2) Open up Command Prompt with administrative privileges. 3) In Command Prompt type in : (Ignore the numbers at the beginning of each line - 103., 105. etc...) Diskpart 4) This will open up another Windows listing your current partition. 5) Now type : Diskpart list The above command will list all of your partitions with their numbers. 6) Identify your OSX Partition by it's size. As an example say it is Disk 2 Therefore accordingly type this command. Diskpart 2 7) Now to mark the partition as active, simply type in this command: active 8) Disable fast startup (if you have problems shutting down windows 8) You are officially done ! When you reboot you will see the Clover Menu with two options - OSX and Windows. If you are unable to boot Windows with Clover, ensure that in the Boot section of Clover Configurator that Legacy is set to PBR. Enjoy Devonic
  6. Version 1.0


    Sony Vaio VPCEB36FA Installer Developed by Devonic This installer package installs the necessary Patched Kexts, Graphics Modifications and Boot loader to make this laptop work perfectly. As EDID injection is enabled by default for this display, only use this installer with this laptop. Use only on the Sony Vaio VPCEB36FA ! Options available 1) Install Clover 2) Install A Universal fixed config.plist 3) Enable Graphics Acceleration (ATI 5650M) 4) Install SD Card Driver (Ricoh) 5) Install Patched WIFI kext (AR9285) 6) Install Drivers for PS2 Trackpad & Keyboard (ALPS) 7) Install patched Sound kext (Intel HD Audio) 8) Enable Battery Percentage 9) Install Clover Configurator 10) Slow boot fix Extras :- 1) Kext Utility Superspeed Edition 2) Plist Editor Pro
  7. DISCLAIMER : The 10.9.2 update has broken a lot of installations of Niresh's Mavericks distro due to a new version of Darwin. The steps described below are a generic solution as discussed on various parts of the forums. This is just a re-organized and structured version of the fix. This may not necessarily work for all OSX installs. So instead of only using the kexts packaged by Niresh, please backup any custom kernels or even better your entire extensions folder. Stuff you need : 1) A 1 GB USB (any size actually) 2) The Niresh Mavericks Installer USB 3) An already working mavericks install (optional) If you are stuck with a non-booting Installation of OSX Mavericks : 1) Head over to Windows and download Transmac. 2) Download the PCI Config Kexts from here. 3) Plug in your 1 GB USB and format it to Mac OSX Extended Journaled by right clicking and selecting "Format Disk for Mac" 4) Make a folder named Extensions in the root directory of the USB in Transmac (+HFS Volumes > Right click on White Space > Make New Folder) 5) Copy the kexts (not the folder, the kexts ! ) you downloaded into the Extensions folder. 6) Rename your 1 GB USB to FIX. (If you can't do this using Transmac, format the USB using the Niresh Installer and rename to FIX. Then proceed with Transmac steps (without formatting of course) You're done for the windows part ! Now boot into the Niresh Mavericks Installer 1) Plug in your 1 GB USB after the Welcome Screen has appeared 2) Go to disk utility and mount your FIX usb (Right Click the USB > Mount) 3) Open Terminal and type the following : ditto -V /Volumes/FIX/Extensions/*there is a single space here*/Volumes/*THE NAME OF YOUR HARD DRIVE*/System/Library/Extensions/ chown -R root:wheel /Volumes/*THE NAME OF YOUR HARD DRIVE*/System/Library/Extensions/ chmod -R 755 /Volumes/*THE NAME OF YOUR HARD DRIVE*/System/Library/Extensions/ 2) Exit out of Terminal and Reboot 3) Your Hackintosh should finally boot into OSX 10.9.2 If you have a Working Mavericks Installation before hand: 1) Just copy the PCI Fix kexts into a USB Formatted using Disk Utility into Mac OSX Extended Journaled and repeat the same steps from step number 6. 2) Additionally backup the Extensions folder and your Kernels to the USB with a different directory name. Cheers
  8. Install demands pairing of BT keyboard

    @Race MoChridhe Hit the spacebar on your keyboard.
  9. @mtx4 Very slim chance of seeing a Niresh Distro just for 10.9.2 especially with 10.9.3 around the corner
  10. Full Maverick Installation.

    @H.Kabir Search before you post ? Dual Boot with Clover
  11. Intel Ultrabook... it WORKS!

    @bjadams Fixing sleep on a hackintosh is rarely straight forward. A DSDT patch maybe be required if you do wish to traverse through that path. Otherwise just install caffeine to prevent your hackintosh from going to sleep.
  12. Sound problem

    @vatrogasacjoza Identify your Audio Card (model no. codec etc..)
  13. Upgrading to 10.9.2

    @ Have you referred to this article ?
  14. Intel Ultrabook... it WORKS!

    @bjadams The appstore fix is bascially adding a fake en0 port using a NullEthernet kext The fix for your battery if this kext - Voodoo Battery
  15. IS OS X Capable of running on 3D Displays?

    @FightClub People's way of thanking us at Niresh is liking others posts If you are having sluggish performance, it likely means that you are not getting full QE/CI. I still recommend you try the EDID method.
  16. Short description for all softwares/tools

    @Deepak@Aman All the compatibility fields must be marked as required and one must not be able to post a download without filling out these fields. Leave it to @ to code that system for the website.
  17. Short description for all softwares/tools

    @ This should be set as a rule for the uploaders not the moderators as they can't add descriptions to each and every file. Maybe a description base limit of ~20 - 30 words can help.
  18. IS OS X Capable of running on 3D Displays?

    @FightClub If you have followed all steps and tried playing with Clover's settings and still failed, either i recommed trying to inject your display ID using the DisplayID-717 file or just wait for the 10.9.3 update. If you can send me your EDID, i will patch the necessary files and send it back to you.
  19. Netbook install

    @ I had a similarly specced laptop w/ the GMA 950 (save the Intel Atom Processor) and it handled 10.5.8 just fine. Think Snow Leopard will run fast enough.
  20. IS OS X Capable of running on 3D Displays?

    @FightClub I did make a guide to enable qe/ci on an ATI card. But the EDID injection steps will be applicable to you also. Just follow the guide till the EDID injection part and just select Inject Nvidia in Clover Bootloader. To go to the video guide click here
  21. Netbook install

    @ The Pi is epic. Shows you what a $35 ARM processor can do. As far as OSX goes, mavericks might be a bit to hard for it to handle. Since you're geeky, experiment with the OSX Lion Beta. As i said before installing the .dmg with myhack will likely be your only option. Windows 8 can run fine even with 1GB of RAM AFAIK. A stable OSX install (if you can acheive it) will probably have to be Snow Leopard IMO.