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  1. Dual Monitors Connected, Only One Works! Hey guys, I have a bit of a problem I just installed OSX 10.9 with clover on it, and I can only get a single monitor to work (Same one every time) and in settings it detects it. My graphics card is a Nvidia GT 610 2gb from Zotac. In windows 10 both monitors worked fine. The one that works is connecting via DVI on both ends, and the other (one that doesn't work) is coming out a DVI, then goes into an adapter that changes it to HDMI. The one that does not work is an LG Ultrawide, and I have installed LG's drivers for the monitor on the Mac. When I searched this problem on the internet, I didn't really find a good or logical answer anywhere..... Anyone here know of a solution for this? Thanks Papa Bless P.S. If you need more info, make sure to let me know!
  2. hi. so I was installing yosimite zone on my computer (Intel dual core quad, Asus p5Q motherboard,Asus EAH3450 graphics,and a WD 500 GB HD) when I got the error about three minutes from completion, "an error occured while running scripts from the package "appleUpstreamUserClientBackup.pkg"" I tried to install this over a previous hackintosh so I am pretty sure then hardware is compatible. does anyone know the fix to this? thanks!