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  1. I've seen some guides for Maverics but no Yosemite, and then those are quite outdated. Anyone have luck installing Yosemite on a Samsung Series 5 NP530? I'am having complications that I'm working out like the following: 1. Microphone turns on during boot and amplifies anything it hears through the speakers 2. LCD turns off during boot, have to use external monitor through HDMI (might be off or the brightness is completely down) 3. After using Multibeast, it freezes after the reboot during the loading process. So there are quite a few things I'm working on . I am not sure if the Mavericks kexts in the guides are supported in Yosemite. Thank you. Specs: Intel HD Graphics 3000 Intel Core i5-2467M Realtek ALC269VC Realtek RTL8168: Ethernet
  2. Fixed: Had to pick hd(0,2) <yourpartitionname> Hey guys, I'm experiencing the same problem like you guys however the solution does not work. I did... boot -s -v run the fsck and mount commnands shown when you hit single user mode cd /.OSinstallsandBoxpath/Scripts/ ...but that path does not exist. I followed the mount command as show on screen and the only error I got was it was write protected. ls -a does not show any such folder.