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  1. Need help with Preinstall errors.

  2. Need help with Preinstall errors.

    In the debugger to start, it shows every character as a duplicate is atd08=aattdd0088, etc. Is that normal? I've been receiving the cpu 0 error, tried a mixture of maxmem, graphicsenabler, and /haswell. I have the following: i7 4770k, Nvidia GTX980 Inno3D. 16gb ram. Asus gryphon z87. TP-LINK TL-WDN4800 onboard ethernet no soundcard installed I have disabled VTD, I can talk via Skype if that helps, just PM me your user
  3. My Verbose error

    Hey, Im new to this, and its going terribly I have a 4770k GTX 980 and a z87 Gryphon, Its not possible to disable secure boot or Vt-d here is my error screen that i get during initial install.