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  1. Hey there, this is my first time actually installing maverick on my pc, it only worked once, in a virtual machine on my laptop. The performance was shit (*suprise*). Now I am trying to archieve anything on my desktop pc. It has a GigaByte GA 870A UD3 Board, 12GB Ram and the HD 5770 as hardware build in. With Virtual Box I was able to get the installation to start, but it got stuck at the "2 Minutes Remaining Step". I already read many advices to solve this issue, nothing really worked though. Then I tried to install it without Virtual Box, as a real OS. I got to the point, where the Progress Bar ist loading, at the beginning of the very first setup. But nothing happened, it remained empty. I tried various kernels, to get it to work, but without every luck. The addition of "-x" or "-v" or both of them at once didn't make any difference either. Any ideas? Or is it just not possible? I just want to develop Apps for iOS -.-