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  1. Hi all, I finaly decide to post a message! i tryed all i can :-) Yesterday night i tried to install mavericks on my computer. All seems to work perfectly. I used chameleon wizard to put some boot flags : npci=0x2000, dart=0, graphicsenabler=yes, graphics mode 1680x1050x32 and pci root=1. At this time all was perfect, i had graphic card ok, internet, sound... I thank it was good but today my computer freezed every time i plug or unnplug an usb device. So i tried some usb fix... Finally nothing worked anymore. :-) I had to boot without extensions (-x). So i decided to restart all from the begining... But now its the same i cant boot the only solution is to put the flag -x. the issue is always the same : the boot stoped on "missing bluetooth controller transport", which is a graphic problem if i well understand. It is impossible for me to find why yesterday all was good instead this USB issue... I would appreciate much a little assistance if someone know what to do in my situation :-)