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  1. Hey everyone, as m new to the hackintosh thing. M a little curious and a bit confused about making my PC into a hackintosh. I need it for autodesk smoke fcpx and many more . so can I install osx in my PC ,the hardware are as follows . i7 5960x processor, Asus rampage v extreme motherboard, corsair h110 CPU cooler, corsair ax1200i p.s.u , gigabyte gtx 980 4gb graphics card, corsair dominator platinum ddr4 2800+MHz 8gb x4 ram, Asus thunderbolt ex2 card , 2x256 GB Samsung 850 pro s.s.d , 2x 1 tb Samsung 850 pro s.s.d, 2x3tb western digital black h.d.d 7200 rpm. Wacom intious large pro pen tablet. Can smone plz guide me on how to make a successful hackintosh .regards