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  1. Hi, i am trying to install the Yosemite zone to my computer, and i have a curious problem that forces me to post here... I can install the Niresh Maverick on a thumb drive without any problem, without any flags and it goes like a charm, but when i try to install the Yosemite Zone, here comes the problems... i bot with the thumb drive, created from the DMG file here in the download section (the right one, with the right MD5), it begins to load, black screen, i get the "turning cursor" at the upper left of the screen, (just before the boot drive selection), and it stops forever here... thinking it might be the Thumb creation method with windows that made a corrupted thumbdrive, i have made another one with the "restore yosemite.pkg", and it's exactly the same... at this point, i can't even try to launch with a boot flag, as the command line arrives just after le turning cursor... just in case, i have also tryied to install with the "unibeast" solution, but i get the "no keyboard and no mouse bug", but it launches perfectly...until the langage selection where i can't select anything... any ideas ?
  2. Hello Iam new to Hackintoshes, and would like to know more about this system so I have installed the Niresh Maverick installation DMG for USB drive, and i Have a curious issue with My installation of Maverick on a eMachine E525 laptop, it installs the OS flawlessly from a 8Gb USB Thumbdrive, i mean, i don't even have to put any flags, it installs just like a dream, i start the installation selecting the USB drive with the "F12" key, and it goes. BUT... I have to start my system with the thumbdrive connected to USB port each time, or i just have the "boot0 error" and i am stuck there... I have already tried to boot on the thumbdrive, looking at the right partition where Maverick is installed, (disk0S1), unmounted the drive, opened the terminal, and typed the following commands : dd if=/usr/standalone/i386/boot1h of=/dev/disk0s1 without any success as i get the following answer : dd: /usr/standalone/i386/boot1h: No such file or directory just as if the command doesn't get the part after the space between "boot1h" and "of=..." i also tried to change the "/usr/" part with the thumdrive name ("OSX"), but i get the same message again...with or without the "sudo" command before the line... does anyone here had the same problem, and of course is there an issue to get my system running without a USB thumbdrive connected ? thanks in advance and don't mind asking questions, i already made many manipulations, and cannot write down all here on one post...
  3. Freeze at the account creation.

    here I am again, just to give you the answer to my sound problems : i installed the AIO sound solution but it didn't work either, so I decided to format/reinstall OSX, (i didn't had anything i had to save, since it was a fresh install), and then I directly had sound, so everything works just fine now, and thanks a lot for your helpfull answers.
  4. Freeze at the account creation.

    yes, i am installing it right now, thanks a lot for your patience .
  5. Freeze at the account creation.

    I try it now and let you know when it's good edit : i can't download this Kext cause it says : "You may not download any more files until your other downloads are complete" but i haven't got any files downloading right now...i just downloaded the "multibeast mavericks edition" this morning...and it worked well...
  6. Freeze at the account creation.

    great, I try this as soon as the updates are finished, but just to make things right, how do you delete these "old" Audio Kext, I mean, where can i found them in my system ?
  7. Freeze at the account creation.

    I have another problem concerning the sound kext...(i presume) I had a "sound blaster audigy" in this machine when I installed OSX, I had to put this soundcard in another machine for some reasons, then I reactivated the onboard soundchip, (Realtek ALC892), I don't know if I had sound before, cause I didn't test it then, but now, when i go to the "sound panel" i only see 4 "digital-out (HDMI)" lines but nothing about my realtek Audio chip... I installed then the right Kext from the "multibeast mavericks edition" from here, but it's pretty much the same...no "Realtek ALC892"... any ideas ?
  8. Freeze at the account creation.

    ok, some news: I managed to go through the account screens, by adding the "-X" flag at startup, then i re-started without any flags. hoping it'll help you, the baby keeps working like a charm since then...
  9. Hello everyone I am new to OSX, and i have some problems getting it working on my configuration, here it is in details : - Gigabyte Ga 890XA-UD3 Mainboard, (AHCI enabled). - AMD Phenom II X4 945. - SATA 320 go HDD (entirely dedicated to this installation, nothing else on it) - 4Gb DDR2. - Geforce 210 Graphic card. i have installed the OSX Maverick 10.9.0 without any problems using the instructions given with it, and using the "AMD" flag at the installation startup, and it worked like a charm. BUT... at the first startup, i accept the conditions, i give an account name, etc...and then it freezes, (it runs about twenty seconds before freezing), and nothing to do but reset the PC and again and again... is there someone here having a similar problem, and how to solve it ? is there's a way to add flags without fully reinstalling the system ? (excuse me for these newbees questions but as said before, i am new to OSX and installations like these). thanks in advance, and Hello from France