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  1. Cannot boot from drive after installing El Capitan

    Really sorry for this delay, Finally done with everything. Here is the complete guide. First of all, I changed my GPU to Nvidia (I returned the R9 because nvidia seemed easy to install). I actually bought both from Fry's and tested which worked easily. For your problem: In my case, after I installed Nvidia on my Mobo, the display was going blank because GPU itself was shutting off, I could see the fans stopped rotating. This happened right after the initial Verbose Boot sequence. I was able to boot successfully with Nvidia loaded as the Graphics driver in El Capitan if I used my USB drive. Which led me thinking that I must have missed something in my EFI on the Boot Drive. So I removed my nvidia card and booted with the On board Intel HD 530. Next I copied over everything my from USB's EFI and made these changes also given in the guide: Replace the EFI in your drive with the one in your USB Under ACPI, check "Fix Shutdown" as I was getting kernel panics upon restarting the system. Use Clover Configurator to open your config.plist from boot drive and make these changes Under boot, change the default volume setting to the name of your boot drive volume. It will be set to PCIE by default (in my case, I changed it from PCIE to Macintosh) Change the Bootloader setting below it to BOOTX64.efi It might solve your problem as well, so give it a shot.
  2. Cannot boot from drive after installing El Capitan

    @Agreaves I have successfully resolved the boot issues. I am currently trying to get my graphics card working. Give me a couple of hours and I will post a guide.
  3. Cannot boot from drive after installing El Capitan

    I solved it! Will post the complete instructions soon. Right now trying to fix 1. R9 380 Graphics Card 2. Sleep/Wake
  4. Configuration Asus Z170X Premium Motherboard i5 6600K Asus Strix R9 380 4GB 4x8GB DDR4-3200 Samsung Evo 256GB I was able to install El Capitan on my PC. However I cannot get it to boot from hard drive. I have tried running ##### and Post Installation tools. But every time, I end up with Error allocating pages... Error loading kernel cache. I have tried replacing the config in my HDD EFI with the one in USB installation drive. Still same problem. I have spent over 3 days now trying to get this new motherboard working and I feel like I am so close but can't get it. Can someone please please please help?