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  1. Hello guys, firstly thanks to niresh i have yosemite 10.10.1 up and running.. However, My app store won't work after first time.. It worked the first time and I was able to download an app too.. But now it won't work and it gives me an error message saying contact service.... I use wifi(from mobile tethering).is there any fix?? Could i launch the app store fix again that starts at first boot.. It worked wonders.. Thanks.
  2. @ Well, here is a similar unanswered post: However, I got Mavericks installed for the time being which is cool. Would be installing yosemite zone in a few weeks. PS: Exceptional work sir. Respect. Regards.
  3. Dear all, I got Mavericks 10.9 working on my laptop(Acer Aspire 4740). However, I use wifi to connect to the internet(not ethernet). So, please help me, how can I get the above working. I tried a few fixes available online but none of them seem to work. Thanks for making such a great distro. Please be kind enough to help. Love you guys!!
  4. Hi guys, please help me, i have an acer aspire 4740. It has intel i3-330M with Intel graphics media accelerator. I used the boot flags : -x -v busratio=16 cpus=1 but it always gives me an error when just about a minute is left. In the log, it says its running some scripts then i get a lot of error messages.. Kindly help me.