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  1. Mic not working- Niresh Mavericks

    as i said its a laptop... How will i be able to find out what my mb is?? Edit: It is Compaq presario cq58-200ev...4gb ram, 500gb HDD intel hd 3000 intel core i3-2328m Hp truevision webcam with built in mic
  2. Hello, I have installed correctly niresh mavericks on my pc, although I had to enable lapic_kernel (i think) to make it work fully with graphics and full cpu power (Intel hd 3000, Intel Core i3-2328m). But.... My pc detected my BUILT IN webcam because of an usb hub!!! LOL!!!. Although everything works fine, I can't get my microphone to work... Although it detects both Built in and orange port one, NONE of those two works.... However, when I boot my laptop up it does a weird annoying sound which stops only if i low the Input Gain bar... (either on orange port mic or the speakers which are altec lansing... I'm using VoodooHDA 2.7.2, any other kext except from VoodooONES would be accepted ) I would appreciate it if u help me... Your Sincerely, Johnxatzakis98