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  1. Vostro 200 - wake issue

    I have a Vostro 200 that I have been using as a Yosemite hack. The initial install using the standard USB installer worked fine. No changes or edits done at first. Messages wouldn't work, so I installed Clover... now, Messages seems to work fine, but I have another issue that has popped up... At first, the system would wake from sleep properly... Now, after installing Clover, it never wakes up... Sleep fine, but won't wake... Also, it sometimes hangs at startup now, so I did a -v and there are a lot of messages stating "refusing new kext... already have loaded version..." I can get you more specific error messages, but that message is plastered all over the boot screen... It does let me boot it up, but I would love to figure out why the system will not wake...