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  1. MSI GE70 Apache Pro Yosemite Pack

    Ok thank you again for your reply, I have tried several times to make my hackintosh but couldnt make the pc load the installation media, it always rebooted i have a macbook air , with that i can make the installation media, i put the bios settings as you said , then i boot from the usb, i should get to the installation wizard where i can format the hd in journaled( i prefer to swap my hdd in the pc in order to keep separate boot files and keep windows on other hdd) so let's asume i installed , later what i should do ? if you have time please write the down the steps , if it is not a problem P.s when should i do the EFI thing?
  2. MSI GE70 Apache Pro Yosemite Pack

    Thank you , is there any flag that i should use?
  3. MSI GE70 Apache Pro Yosemite Pack

    i also would like that if it is possible , please i have this laptop
  4. MSI GE70 Apache Pro

    Hello i have this laptop and i would like to install yosemite on it, can you make a guide or tell me in general what should i do in this particular case? I do have some experience with hackintosh but only desktop. Thank you