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  1. Hello Hackintosh Zone Community, I just downloaded Yosemite Zone 10.10.1 and I am struggling to get it running. My PC Setup right now: AMD A8-5600K Black Edition MSI FM2-A75MA-E35 8 GB RAM Windows 8.1 Pro N 64-Bit I always get the Kernel Panic error so far. With VirtualBox, I get to the point ,where I can either press Enter and continue running into the Kernel Panic or I can press F8, enter a command line and so far it gave me the Kernel Panic as well. VMWare WorkStation instantly boots me into the Kernel Panic :/ Does Yosemite Zone even run on AMD A8 APUs right now and if yes, how to get it working? Any suggestions and help is highly appreciated. Cheers, Maxunit