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  1. When you boot with Chameleon, type a question mark to see all the boot flags and what they do, hope that helps ~ZacharyX8
  2. Stuck At apple logo

    Try "xpcm-free" (without quotations of course) and if that fails boot with -x -v xpcm-free any others you need and the and kernels
  3. yosemite stuck after installing

    OS X is only compatible with 802.11ac wifi cards, you'll probably need to buy an adapter, but you can try adding these.
  4. yosemite stuck after installing

    Macintosh + Windows + Laptop = Hackbook, try booting with -x -v xpcm-free
  5. Stuck At apple logo

    Try booting with either /amd or /amd1
  6. Boot Yosemite with the boot flags /haswell -x -v xpcm-free and the others required to bypass those errors, like your graphics card. This is how I completed my install.