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  1. Hello, I am fairly new to this whole thing so I am going to dive right in. Please pardon my lack of tech lingo. I am an AVID mac user... Love it so much. However do to budget and needs it is time for me to custom build a pc. My goal is to have a computer that I can boot into windows, or OS X whenever I want. An important thing is I want to make sure having my pc being a macintosh will not hurt or risk and part of the Windows part of the computer. I wish for it to be able to run just like (or close to) how it would without mac OS X also on it. I guess I have two parts Part A (My Build) Here is the list: CPU: i7-5820k (6 core, superthread 3.3gHz GPU: Gigabyte GeForce GTX 980 (GDDR5) RAM: Crucial 16gb 2x8 (DDR4 2133) (288-pin dim) Motherboard: MSI X99s (intel x99) HardDrive: (would get two ssd's and 1hdd (each of the ss'ds would be a boot drive, then the hdd would be partitioned) A. SSD Samsung 850 EVO B. HDD Segate Baracuda Wireless: Rosewill ( N900PCE) Everything look good? Part B (questions) 1. Is their risk when doing hackingtosh? Can I permanently damage a part? 2. Do I need a sound card on my build for mac to use, or can it use the motherboards? 3. I have heard sound doesn't quite work.... Is this true? 4. What does it look like when you turn on your computer with windows and OS X on it? 5. Could running OS X on it cause overlocking? I am avoiding doing that at all costs. 6. In my OS X part would plugging in a compatible keyboard still work? 7. Good tutorials on this? Thankyou so much guys! It means a lot that you look at this kind of stuff. Hopefully someday I will be good enough at this to do the same.