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  1. Oh... Then I have to download the .dmg image. Thank you!
  2. Ok then, that's what I will try tomorrow, it's 00:09 here. Thanks for your replies everyone!
  3. I will try this as soon as I have a DVD. I've also tryed to use Boot Disk Utility to have Clover on my second USB and it boots into that menu but it doesn't show me my Marevicks USB when I plug it in.
  4. Thank you for your reply, now i have to USBs, one with Mavericks and one with iBoot(wrote using transmac) but it doesn't show any menu when i have the iBoot one plugged in, it's not booting from it. I'm sorry for my bad english.
  5. Wrote it again using Transmac-nothing changed Used iBoot(it's on another USB, is it a problem?)- same thing.
  6. I will try both and I will update this thread if something changes, thank you for your replies!
  7. So, as the title says, I can't boot it from USB (tryed 3 different USB and all my usb ports). I wrote Niresh's 10.9 on my usb using WIN32 Disk Imager, however my bios is set up to boot from usb (it works with ubuntu/windows). I was able to install Mavericks on a VM. What could I do? Thanks in advance!