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  1. New Installation With Partitions

    Hi Folks, Most of the Hackintosh Installation guides that I have read claim to require the re-formatting of the FULL Disk in order to make an installation. I have just been succesful Installing Hackintosh Zone 10.10.2 directly into an HFS+ Partition and keeping the other partitions untouched. I have installed HAckintosh Zone using the recommended practise ... but did the following to get it install into a partition WITHOUT having to delete or re-format the whole disk ... thus I was able to retain my original Windows Installation on a Lenovo, that also had a secon install of Ubuntu Linux and after this I was just able to add in the Hackintosh. By Default the laptop now boots with the HAckintosh and if I want to go to Windows or Linux, I simply have to activate the bios menu and select one of the other windsows or ubuntu boot options. Here is the process .... 1. In your existing drive, simply use Parted Magic and create an HFS+ partition, name it as MacInstall. 2. Boot up Hackintosh Zone from USB 3. Begin Installation of Hackintosh Zone... 4. When Hackintosh Zone comes up ... from the standard Hackintosh Install process -- SKIP the Disk Format and Partition process as we have externally created a Partition for HFS+ using Parted Magic. 5. Hackintosh Zone will show the available partitions and The MacInstall partition also. 6. Simply choose the MacInstall partition and proceed to Customize ... 7. Rest follows f rom HAckintosh Installation guides !! Works like a charm, after Multibeast and all of that !!! Cheers !!