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  1. I am having exactly same problem installing Yosemite 10.10.1 on a similar build. I did not try to delete any kexts yet. My build AMD FX 8150 GPU = HIS 7850 2GB Motherboard = Asus m5a99x evo 16 GB RAM I will update if I find any solution
  2. Solved it with three steps. 1. instead of using amdfx -v or something similar, I used this "Kernel Cache"=amd busratio=16 (Here instead of 16 u can try a differen no.) 2. I replaced the mach_kernel of Niresh distro (using transmac) by Bronya patched mach_kernel LINK: (Installation was still freezing after these 2 steps but error was a little different. Then I added 3rd step) 3. Instead of using front usb ports of my pc case I plugged the usb into rear usb 2.0 ports. After all these steps Installation went smooth but now I am stuck at Post-Installation first boot where pc is restarting everytime when I try to boot in.
  3. After days of trying I finally installed Mavericks on a seperate HDD but after installation it asked to reboot which I did. Then boot screen appeared and I used GraphicsEnabler=No -x bootflag to boot for the first time but it always just restarts. Have not managed to proceed further. My specs (nothing overclocked): cpu : AMD FX 8150 gpu: Radeon HD 7850 mother board: Asus M5A99X EVO 16 GB RAM Mac Distro: Niresh Also on the boot screen If I dont use any boot flag it freezes with "Memory Allocation Error" on top left corner. This is my first time installing a hackintosh and I never used a real mac before.
  4. So after booting into USB containing Niresh Mavericks and typing AMDFX -V, boot starts but then pc freezes at 'System uptime in Nanoseconds (Some randome number)' and I have to hard shutdown. My specs: AMD FX 8150 Radeon HIS 7850 (No integrated graphics) Asus m5a99x evo everything non overclocked