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  1. Installer causes restart

    That's the same here! In my case installer just power off my computer. Here are some photos: 1) The installer starts loading until this point; 2) The screen gets full resolution (I have a R9 290X), I can move mouse pointer; 3) After the rainbow wheel starts going the screen becomes all grey (no mouse pointer) and then the computer just power off. I tried booting with -v and after the 2) image it just seems like a normal power off: the verbose mode shows some lines as I'm really turning off my Hackintosh from Mavericks. Anyone has an idea?
  2. R9 290 on 10.9.3?

    Mmmmm, the fact is that Niresh said he tested it on Mavericks and has everything working, so I also suppose QE/CI. Don't know how to do :/
  3. R9 290 on 10.9.3?

    Hello everybody, Yesterday I just tried installing the R9 290 package as soon as Niresh published it on Facebook page. I have Mavericks 10.9.3, latest Chameleon bootloader. I installed kexts with kext utility. The problem is that the card is recognized (I suppose) correctly: AMD HD8xxx with 4096GB VRAM, kexts are loaded, but I have no QE/CI. What should I try do to?