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  1. AMD Radeon HD 7xxx & R9 Graphics Drivers For Mavericks

    Please, can you help me to modify the dsdt? I uploaded my compiled dsdt and ioreg output at Dropbox. I have an HD8970M 2GB (0x6801) discrete gpu and a 8650g integrated gpu (I know that this doesnt work, I only want to make run the discrete one). I installed the kext and I boot my laptop at 1920x1080 7mb screen very laggy without qe/ci. I use npci=0x2000 to boot and I have installed niresh yosemite 10.10.1 with default bootloader. The installation was made with amd64 bootflag (my cpu is a amd a10 5750m) Dsdt= Ioreg= Thanks a lot for your help in advance.