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  1. CPU: Intel Atom D525 RAM: 3GB HDD: Seagate ST1000LM014 1TB Display: Optimus with Nvidia Ion 2 and Intel GMA 3150 WiFi: Atheros AR9285 A few years ago, I was able to install an older version of OS X (I believe it was 10.6 from iAtkos.) When I try to boot into the Yosemite Zone from my USB, it gets to Chameleon. However, when I try to boot to the installer, I get a blank screen. When I press the power button, I don't need to hold it in, meaning that the system gets stuck somewhere in boot-up limbo with not much of anything in RAM. When I try certain boot flags (-x nv_disabler=1, etc.), I get an error saying that the boot-up must stop (or something along those lines.) What might the solution to this be? Is my system simply not compatible due to the Atom and Optimus, or am I missing a certain kernel? Thanks!