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  1. My Specs: Motherboard : Gigabyte h87N-Wifi Processor: Intel Core i5 4670k 3.4Ghz (Hashwell) Ram: Some corsair 8gb ddr3 Graphics card: Ati 6850 Harddrives: 2x Corsair ssd,1x 500gb, 1x 2tb I had win7 installed previously on one of the ssd drive. Booted upp with Mavericks USB version. No problems booting up and installing Mavericks. After installation i had to boot up with bootflags -x -v because booting got stuck att apple logo. Mavericks booted upp with Ethernet working out of the box. The graphics card was buggy. I have 2 displays and one of them was white but it was possible to hover the mouse over the white space. I followed tonymacosx Multibeast installation to fix Audio and get other stuff working for this specific Gigabyte motherboard Reboot After reboot no bootflag was required and everything but the wifi works.