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    Windows 8.1
    tribooting and multibooting. also booting windows 8 off of usbs on a college pc. trolololololololololololoooooooooooo
  1. All fine, but monitor res. Need Hackintosher pro :D

    can anyone tell me how to set the video ram. I have a HP Pavilion 23-b017c yet it insist on giving me only 7MB of VRAM. because of it everything's slow. yes it is an AMD-A4-5300 but just tell me how to set the VRAM and ill be out of your hair
  2. Sucess with AMD installation

    actually I decided to buy a usb wifi adapter for $10. and yes it is cross platform compatible from windows 2000 to OS X 10.4 tiger and up. I love amazon
  3. Sucess with AMD installation

    im on an hp pavilion 23-b017c. successful but wifi must be replaced unless there are drivers. is a 418572-001 - HP Pavilion dv9000 Series A/B/G Wireless PCI Express card compatible? sorry to hijack forum but couldn't find a good one. just need a yes or no.
  4. I honestly cannot say if I know. I need more info. can you give some info as to what. I'm no expert but here's my pc details HP Pavilion 23-b017c yes it is an AMD-A4 though I am more of a very smart 14 year old BUUUTTTTTT I'd suggest getting cheap super compatible wireless fidelity card like a rosewill N900PCE or getting one of those usb wifi cards from Walmart. is the graphics minor like a glitch safari.(because I do). if you can an NVidia GeForce 9800 GT as they are super compatible as well but cost a pretty penny very often while Intel HD 4000 will be perfectly fine and full graphics support.
  5. Wifi not working

    help I have an HP pavilion 23-b017c with a serious issue for me. we have wireless and no way is Ethernet accessible unless you can wire to the other side of the house without losing a pretty penny. it doesn't give an option to choose the wireless fidelity at all. is there a way to force the option by the way I set it up with the boot flags amd -v -x. any help is greatly appreciated
  6. probably a kernel panic. try the mach kernels and others. I prefer vanilla installs personally but not bugged by modified kernels whatsoever