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  1. @Deepak My specs are the same as tauriuxx, see my Signature My Specs: ASROCK H87 Pro4 Intel i5-4570 2 x 4GB Corsair 1600 Vengeance Nvidia GTX460 v2 1024MB Seagate 250GB My UEFI Version is H87 Pro P1.50 Anything else you need to know to help?
  2. Hey tauriuxx, I have exactly the same specs as you and tried to install niresh nearly a thousand times, but get stuck at boot screen all the time.. what bios settings did you use and do I have to remove any hardware prior to booting (graphicscard, hdd)? My problem is that my system reboots every time I hit enter on the Boot screen, so I'm not even able to see the error message. It just reboots instantly. I tried with Bootflags: -xpcm-free -v -x GraphicsEnabler=YES/NO -npci=0x2000 nothing is working, I'm frustated :/ Please help me!