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  1. Install Kext? YZ installs fine, but graphics are way messed up I have a Samsung AIO computer. i3, 8GB RAM, internal hard drive Intel HD Graphics. The software installed fine. When I reboot, it boots just fine, but about the time it would start to prompt for login information it either: a) Most of the time, the Graphics go nuts and are just a bunch of lines on the screen. b ) Sometimes, it will load all the way to black screen with the cursor in the upper left hand corner, and nothing else. I am sure I need to either install a graphics Kext or uninstall one that got installed by default, but I have no idea what is next? Multibeast? UniBeast? Terminal copy the correct kext over? Help, anyone?
  2. HP dc7900: Best Settings / Kexts for USB?

    Found it! When you run Apple updates it sometimes puts the AppleHPET.kext back, and that is what messes up USB. So, if you ever find USB not working again, just remove that file from System -> Library -> Extensions.
  3. I installed YosemiteZone on this HP. On first install, it works beautifully. After installing the first set of Apple sponsored updates, USB no longer functions. I know running updates is not always a good idea, but I would like to at least run the first set of security patches, etc. Anyway, after I do the first update, USB simply stops working. I assume it was a Kext or Kernal that got patched, but I don't know.... Can anyone offer some advice?
  4. Help: USB works only without kernel caches

    That worked for me! Thanks!
  5. Please help: minor USB snag!

    Update: rebooted in Safe Mode, and it works if not slow and weak with graphics. Can anyone tell me the fix to get USB working again without booting in Safe Mode?
  6. I installed Niresh Yosemite on an HP dc7900. I had absolutely no problems, and the machine ran wonderfully for a week or so. Then one day, all USB mice and keyboards stopped working. No big deal, I just figured I mucked something up and would install from scratch. I have tried this multiple times with zero success, and really need a working keyboard and mouse: Boot Niresh Yosemite on DVD. Mouse and keyboard working fine. Go thru installation procedure. Mouse and keyboard working fine. System restarts. Mouse and keyboard work fine in command line. Made no changes to BIOS whatsoever. Startsup and runs Mac setup screen. No mouse and no keyboard of any brand or style will respond. I am stuck at setup screen without working machine. I could understand if I installed something wrong, but this machine worked 100% fine for a week! Can *anyone* suggest what the problem might be?
  7. HP DC7900; works! stuck at prompt on reboot

    Ok, no one answered so I found in the docs. It is one of the settings files in the /Extras folder. Now, USB worked for a couple of days, then stopped working. I probably did some system updates. No big deal. Re-installed from scratch, and even with a fresh install, USB mice and keyboards will not respond, although my USB DVD drive works just fine (so I assume the port is good and driver ok). Oddly the keyboard and mouse work FINE during install, it is only after install and reboot that they stop working. Ideas?
  8. how to get the boot: prompt

    I have the opposite problem, I want to auto boot, but it keeps sticking at the boot prompt. After installation, where can I change the Boot Timings so that it auto boots?
  9. Just installed the latest version of YZ on a small form factor HP DC7900. The installation went absolutely perfectly, and everything worked from the get go. The only problem I have is minor: on reboot, the computer sits at a prompt waiting for me to hit return before it will boot. I am sure this is in some docs somewhere, but I cannot find it.... how do I autoboot into Yosemite without it waiting for me to hit return?