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  1. I installed Niresh Hackintosh Zone succesfully but when booting even in verbose mode I get an endless white screen with the rolling beach ball waiting for the login screen. Booting into safe mode with bootflag -x gets me to the login screen and into the system. It seems NTFS and FAT support do not work in safe mode since i cannot get any non-HFS-formatted USB-Sticks to work with it. My configuration : Lenovo H420 Intel H61 Chipset Intel Celeron 530 with Intel HD Graphics 2nd Gen (Sandybridge) onboard Sound Realtek 662 Please help, thanks !
  2. Endless White Screen

    I have the same problem , just with different hardware. My CPU/GPU is Intel Celeron 530 (with Intel HD Graphics), it works in safe mode , but is recognize as Intel HD 2000, with would be the CPU of the Core i3-2xxx Sandybridge CPUs. Celeron 530 is basically a down-sized Core i3-2xxxx. What solution do you suggest? Edit chameleon.bootlist? Intel HD-Graphics-Pactcher? Install a kext, an which one? I hope there is a solution, i havent been able to find any Intel HD Graphics 2nd gen Sandybridge drivers/kext yet.